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Jeff Schoepf, Lower Burrell PA, 14-10-2015 21:13:35, United States of America toggle

Hello John Schoepf,

My father Fred Schoepf has told me about this Dr.Schoepf. As you can see we Schoepfs are all over the world and in the history books!

Best Wishes To All Schoepfs,

Jeff Schoepf

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Diane Motyka, Northfield, Ohio, 25-09-2015 22:19:09, United States of America toggle

I am not a Schoepf, but I live on Schoepf Road in Northfield, Ohio. There was a family on Family Feud the other day and their last name was Schoepf. They were from Rockport, Texas. I had never heard the name before so I'm surprised there are so many.

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John Schoepf, Florida, 01-05-2015 00:23:42, United States of America toggle

There was a Dr. Johan Schoepf, that worked for King George, during the American revolution. There is a book, in publication, cataloging his life.

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Priscilla Schoepf Jackson, Simsbury, CT, 19-02-2015 17:27:11, United States of America toggle

My grandfather, Martin Schoepf, was born in Hof, Bavaria, in 1890 & arrived in the US @ 1902 or so. He settled in Manchester, NH.

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David Schoepf, Marianna, FL, 08-09-2013 19:41:42, United States of America toggle

I don't think there is any question that the family originated in Germany. My Grandfather emigrated from Gutenberg, GY.
Still have some relatives in that area, and in Stuttgart.

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Helen Schoepf, Santa Barbara California, 13-01-2013 17:25:13, United States of America toggle

Hello to all family!

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Joseph Schoepf, New Port Richey, Fl, 16-09-2012 23:37:36, United States of America toggle

I was wondering if anyone knew the origins of the Schoepf's . I was always told we were originally from Germany and was wondering if that was true.

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Ronaldo Schoepf, Santa Cruz do Sul RS, 22-06-2012 23:18:47, Brazil toggle

Hi my relatives!! Um abra├žo Jeff.
There is a long time I havent accessed this site. Is very nice to know there is Schoepf in any place. A hug.

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Bill Schoepf, Tarpon Springs, FL, 13-02-2012 13:52:30, United States of America toggle

Melanie, my grandfather didn't make a lot of violins, but the ones that he made were exceptional. He made everything from scratch. Ted Piasczny owned the Music Mart in Manchester, NH and had several of his violins, and he thought that they were special.

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Nathan Schoepf, Northwest--born MN, 06-05-2011 04:05:11, United States of America toggle

Have not read through yet but wanted to sign. I am Nathan Schoepf. My Dad is David Schoepf.

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Jim Schoepf, Lawrence, KS, 26-04-2011 04:12:51, United States of America toggle

I enjoyed looking at your site. Being a Schoepf, I know there are not many of us. It was interesting to see Schoepf's in Brazil.

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admin schoepf_gbschad, 03-06-2012 17:54:09

Got your web address from my son, Mike, who is the administrator of the web site.

Just thought it was a curious coincidence that my name, and my Dad's, is/was David Schoepf. I also had a great Uncle, who was a butcher (metzger) in Pittsburgh, PA, name

Melanie, New Hampsire, 12-03-2011 15:24:43, United States of America toggle

I have one of his violins #24. Is it worth anything?

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