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Hunter Schoepf, Belton,Texas, 20-01-2010 00:03:04, United States of America toggle

I'm lookin to find out a little about my family history, anybody know any Schoepfs in Texas?

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ralph l abercrombie, waller,texas, 14-01-2010 15:30:45, United States of America toggle

Looking for the parents of Joe Ed Wood born 1887-1970 of waller, Texas
his wife was Lottie E. ? born 1891-1988 of waller, Texas USA

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William R. Schoepf, Florida, 17-09-2009 19:00:14, United States of America toggle

We must be a different branch. Grandfather was Martin Schoepf, a machinist and violin maker in Manchester, NH, died in 1962. I'll have to check to see where in Germany he was born.

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Bernhard Schöpf, Frankonia, Baveria, 10-09-2009 21:59:35, Germany toggle

Hallo to all Schoepf's,
a man who named Lorenz Schöpf emigrated in the year 1839 from the Village Schwemmelsbach / Bavaria to the USA.
Maybe someone nows something about that?

Best regards

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Jeff Schoepf, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 08-07-2009 23:52:45, United States of America toggle

Uma Brasso Ronaldo!

In any language I wish all the Schoepf family well.

Jeff Schoepf

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Miriam Schoepf, Punta del Este, 22-05-2009 13:48:39, Uruguay toggle

Hello i'm living in Uruguay sorry my english not is very good my family is from Tyrol Zilz

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joe, florida, 13-02-2009 14:44:27, United States of America toggle

cool site nice to know that theres scoepfs in brazil and germany my fam is from gemany in 1847

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admin schoepf_gbschad, 24-02-2009 02:58:44

Where are you located? We're in Marianna, in the Florida panhandle.

Dave Schoepf (Dave at Schoepf dot com)

Ronaldo, Santa Cruz do Sul RS, 31-01-2009 21:46:38, Brazil toggle

Hello Jeff.

Here in Brazil the Schoepf Family is located at southest.
You can see my city in the internet.
I also didn't know there was Schoepf in the USA.
I believe the first Schoepf arrived in Brazil, came after second war.

A hug.

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Roberto Schöpf, Joinville, 23-01-2009 09:50:33, Brazil toggle

Hello! I live in Joinville, south of Brazil. My grandpa was born in Eisleben and came to here in 1934.

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James Schoeff, Spokane, Washington State, 06-01-2009 08:25:10, United States of America toggle

This site rules!

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Jochen Schöpf, Germany, 03-11-2008 21:17:44, Germany toggle


i was searching for an anchestor and have found your very interesting site with the wonderful old photos.
From which part of germany have your anchestors moved to the united states?

Best wishes from upper franconia, bavaria
Jochen Schöpf

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Jeff Schoepf, Pittsburgh PA, 17-07-2008 01:18:36, United States of America toggle

Hello Ronaldo,

I am very happy there are Schoepf's in Brazil. I know many people from Brazil and am happy our family extends to South America.

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